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Crosstown Craze


Maybe you are sick and tired of all the classic driving games that you kept playing until now… maybe you are ready for a more challenging game… that means it is high time for you to start playing some difficult car driving games! The games that you used to play are not a challenge for you anymore! Try the new Crosstown Craze – one of the most challenging and complex 4x4 driving games!

What do you think about climbing behind the wheel of a big, powerful monster truck? And start a cruise through the city at maximum speed while you will also race against another opponent, him too at the wheel of a scary monster truck? These difficult car driving games will bring you a dose of good adrenalin that will invigorate you body and mind. 

You will be the witness of a race which you have never seen before, a race of life and death where, in the end, the best of the best will go home with the title for supreme champion. Playing some difficult car driving games and, in the end, winning it all will bring you the satisfaction that no game ever brought to you!

Although you will play some of the most difficult car driving games, you will see that the rules are quite the same and you all know them! When playing Crosstown Craze you will have to participate in three races, in three different situations, all different and all hard and you need to win them all to become the champion!

In order to control the truck all that you have to do is use the arrows from your keyboard and enjoy the ride! Along the way you will find some items that will help you in your try to win the race; for example, you can repair your car or get a speed boost by running over some markings!

But you still need to concentrate at the road while looking for these things because you are still in a competition! In the competition of your life – playing one of the most difficult car driving games that anyone can find.