Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Adrenaline Chaser


Join a super intense racing spree as you prove your adrenaline chaser skills on these unlimited virtual high-ways. Push the pedal down and race like no other, braking scores and settling new records for the best driver ever.

Move left/right and almost always have your pedal pushed down to maximize your speed. All the adrenaline chaser games are filled with adrenaline actions, making you want to win and proclaim your supremacy each time you take out a target. Take out all the targets to ensure you stay alone in the race to the super-stardom and also make sure you keep your health level under control. Being a superhero of the day also means you need to be concerned about your health, keeping your car in top shape!

So let's race away alongside the best adrenaline chasers out there and be yourself the best driver still in the game!