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Name That Supercar


Every car games online are about driving, you usually have to control a car an get to the finish line before your opponents. This car game is something else, this is much more fun it is a trivia game. Playing Name That Supercar will help you learn all the supercars ever build, you will spot a car for a mile away and you can amaze your friends with your car knowledge.

Playing this car trivia game is easy, you have a puzzle image in the right and you can turn any piece and reveal the car underneath, the goal is to guess the car with as little puzzle pieces intact, the fewer pieces you turn the more points you earn. After you get the hang of it you will see how easy it is, ho says that learning new things can't be fun, this is the best example of a fun learning game for all.

Name That Supercar was developed for those that want to learn new car models and have fun in the same time, after playing 10 min you will learn all supercars.