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Demolish Truck


Sometimes we have moods and moods… maybe we are feeling calm and relaxed and are looking for a game that suits that mood but some times some powerful games like this demolisher truck driving game is exactly what we feel.

Now, only playing this demolisher truck driving game, you have the opportunity to drive a strong truck that has the power to destroy everything in its way if you drive it correctly. This time, Demolish Truck is a little bit different from the urban truck driving games you were used to. Here the buttons used to control the truck are ‘’W’’ and ‘’S’’ for moving foreword and backward and ‘’A’’ and ‘’D’’ to keep your balance. If you want to jump you can use the space bar!

On your way you have to gather stars and perform long jumps for some extra points. This demolisher truck driving game also offers you the possibility to enjoy a good graphic and entertaining soundtrack. What do you say about that?