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Batmobile Ride


It is time to save the world once more by taking Batman's place and catch the bad guys, you can do all of this by playing Batmobile Ride a new driving game in witch you have the chance to seat behind the wheel of one of the best car ever made. You won't have a ll the cool gadgets you saw in the movies but you can steel drive at great speeds and go over big obstacles.

Batmobile Ride is a driving game full of action, you will have to take tour driving skills to the next level and keep an eye out for traps and explosions, the batmobile was made to take a lot of damage but don't get carried away it steel can be totaled and when this happens you will have to start over.

The Batmobile Ride is a great driving game thanks to the nice graphics, good sounds and a very well balanced game play. You can see from the first level that this game will make you have a good time in front of the PC.