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3d Highway Mission



I have a very good idea! Do you agree that driving is one of the most pleasant activities? If you have the same opinion I think you should try one of our driving games 2012! 3D Highway Mission is one of these games! Easy to play and extremely enjoyable, you will definitely have lots of fun driving that powerful truck!

This is a game similar to what you are used to if you have played driving games as you will use, once again, the arrow keys to drive the car. But the difference is in the graphic! As you will be the witness and play driving games online for free which really make you enter the action and be a part of the action!

You will have the chance to drive as crazy on the highway, pick up bonus bubbles that give you extra powers… Bump other cars and just feel free are only a quick-shotle of things which these driving games 2012 have to offer!