Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Jump Racer


Let me show you some impressing car jumping games! If you are looking to play some extraordinary stunt free monstertruck driving games you have to try Jump Racer! This game is the only one where you don’t have to use you keyboard to play – the best stunt jumps are just a click away! 

What you have to do when playing these car jumping games is very simple… If you won’t find the controls to move the car just look around the window and you will see an engine with a pedal… well… you will have to click on that pedal to accelerate and release to slow down.

You have to perform the perfect jump as to jump over the tires and other parked cars and land on your wheels! You will see that these car jumping games are not as easy as they seam, so, make sure that you are prepared to try harder for reaching the next level! I am telling you that the competition is exactly what you need!