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Extreme Jumper


What do you say you try now a different kind of driving game? A game where you will harmonically mix driving with stunt jumping! The truck jumping games that we prepared for you culminate with Extreme Jumper! This game is actually a very challenging one as it is quite easy to play but not that easy to pass the levels. 

In order to accelerate and make the car speed up you have to click, using the mouse, on the gas pedal in the bottom right side of the game window. You will jump on a ramp and if you manage to jump over all the trucks and the final wall without crashing you will advance at the next level. You will see that each level will be considerably harder than the previous one, so, don’t give up if you see you can’t make from the first.

These city driving games online can be very fun if you know how to take advantage of them! Many truck jumping games are challenging, but none as challenging as this one… put you foot on the acceleration pedal and let’s start the race!