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Monster Truck Nitro


3d monster truck driving games might be one of the most interesting games that you have ever played and Monster Truck Nitro is definitely one of the best in this category.

3d monster truck driving games are very easy to play, because you only need your keyboard. By pressing the up arrow key you can speed up, by pressing the down arrow key you can slow down with your truck or stop if you want to. By pressing the left or right arrow keys you can roll left or right. If you press the control key you can activate nitro. You have to get to the finish line with your truck, but on your way you have some ramps and cars that can make your route more difficult. There are more levels at these 3d monster truck driving games. At this game you have 8 levels. Only by passing them one by one you can get to the last level. Otherwise they are locked. You can unlock them by getting as much points as possible at every level and of course by getting at the finish line.

At these 3d monster truck driving games, usually, you can choose your truck. Here you have 2 trucks between which you can choose, Redlinx truck and Miniclip truck. The most interesting thing at this game is the fact that every level is different and you have different missions to fulfill not only to get at the finish line as fast as you can. Of course there are also some obstacles on your way at these 3d monster truck driving games.

These 3d monster truck driving games are very good for you if you want to improve your skills. Monster Truck Nitro is one of the games that can help you to be a better driver from all points of view, because every level is different and every mission helps you to improve different skills. This is a funny and challenging game. But you can also try to play biggest truck driving games after you have unlocked all the levels at this game and complete the game with a good score.