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Milky Truck


Delivering the milk bottles to everyone in the neighborhood is not such an easy task, but you can do it and we are sure you're going to love it! So join the fun along this super challenging driving game and make sure you deliver the milk cases to the destination. You have fifteen levels to prove your driver's skills and to impress all players and challengers of milky truck games, as you race away in record time to the final destination. Make good use of your arrow keys to ensure you get to the finish line in record time, race away and also be careful not to spill any of the milky bottles. It really is up to you to maneuver the milky truck in such a way that you drive on the bumpy roads as smooth as possible.

So be careful as you race away to the people's homes in a straight rush, not to spoil your milk bottles. Bumps in the road will make this challenge more difficult then you might think, so keep a good idea of the road you're on, keep you car straight up and use your arrow keys to come back in a straight position every time you have a small discontinuity in your way.

With super cute and colorful graphics, the game promises to keep you entertained and focused on the road. Get hooked on milky truck games and prove you can be the best delivery guy to the neighborhood! Everyone will appreciate your efforts, you will collect bonus points and win on your side everyone in the city.