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Ice Age Rampage


I bet you are wondering how can it be a driving game set in the Ice Age?! Well… don’t you forget that you have now entered the wonderful world of the internet – the place where almost everything is possible! Here are some fun Ice Age driving games that will impress you – I am sure of it! 

Do you remember the Flintstones? Do you remember their car? The car that you will drive in these fun Ice Age driving games is similar to that one but only made from ice, not stone – we are nonetheless in the Ice Age! Besides the interesting idea and theme of the game Ice Age Rampage is generallye being played like most of the driving games that you played before, so, if you like playing this kind of games it means you are already used to the controls…

In order to control the truck in these Flash racing games you have to use the arrow keys. Bit if you have played driving games before these fun Ice Age driving games will seam a piece of cake for you! Let’s see how good you are at driving this kind of car because I am sure you had enough of the modern ones!