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Cars vs Guns


It is time to play something new, Cars vs Guns is a TD game, or Tower Defense. There are many TD games out there but not so much with cars, these is a game for all those that like car games and strategy games, if you combine these to types of games you get a new sort of game, Cars vs Guns is just this. Playing these game you will find out that it isn't all about driving, you will have to kill all the cars and don't let them reach your headquarters.

Playing Cars vs Guns is not hard if you have played Tower Defense games before. You get an amount of money at the beginning of the game and you will have to build cannons in order to kill the cars that will try to reach you base. You can see at any time all the car types with their hp and speed so you can build the correct cannons to destroy them. Many players of Cars vs Guns are tempted to build as many cannons as they can, but these is not the best strategy, you should try and upgrade them as much as you can.

Don't get discouraged if you day at Cars vs Guns, you will get the hang of it after a few runs.