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Storm Chasers


Storm Chaser is a game like no other. You now… I think that everybody loves a game to be original and to differentiate itself from the rest. That means to have an unusual theme, to have extremely good graphic or bring something new because there are a lot of driving games online. These storm chaser games have become so popular because of their originality! 

Also, these tilty truck driving games are fun and easy to play. They can be played using the arrow keys – the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ ones to move back and forth and the sides to maintain the car’s balance. What you will have to do in order to win and pass all the levels is to try not to crash on your way to the next incredible tornado!

When playing these storm chaser games you will drive on a bad weather and on a bumpy ground! So, be careful not to turn your car over because it will explode and you will loose! Do your best at driving this car and you will enjoy views as you have never seen.