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Shadow Factory


Tilty truck driving games are games that you will surely enjoy playing if you like adventure, if you are looking for means to discover the strange world around you and the world created by the designer of this interesting game.

What do you say about driving a little bit through the factory where shadows are produced? Nothing can e more fun than enjoying some challenging games where you have to be careful not to turn your truck over! These tilty truck driving games are quite simple and when it comes to the controls used in playing it I have to say that you can easily sit comfortably in your chair and enjoy the ride as it is.

In order to control the truck in these truck jumping games you have to use the arrow keys. There will be cases when you’ll need to bounce your truck to help it get back on its wheels; that is the perfect time to use the ‘’X’’ button! You will have lots of fun with these tilty truck driving games and they will soon become your favorite way to make your boredom go away.