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Monster Track


Try this monster truck driving game and drive you truck on the hardest most dangerous route you have ever driven. The monster track! Monster truck games is filled with dangerously abrupt stones and rocks that will make your truck flip over and damage it. Drive carefully on the one of the worlds most stunning and unique driving paths in the hearth of the mountains. The Monster Track is renowned for the many car accidents it collected over the years so very few brave drivers venture on this challenging path. Prove you are batter than the most and choose this adventurous journey on the mountain track of doom, the monster track!

In this game you are competing with nature itself and nature is a though adversary. You will have to be either fast either cunning to overcome the tracks adversity and win the title of supreme driver of the Monster Track. This game is one of the few monster truck racing games that gives you the feel of adventure on the edge and stretches your reflexes to the limit. So get behind the wheel of the powerful monster truck and take on the road.