Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Monster Truck Championship


If you have a thing for these large, four wheeled babies, if you're drawn to testing your driving skills on rugged, super rough terrains and you're a secret adrenaline junkie, too, then you have all the chances to win this monster truck championship! Get behind the wheel of this 4x4 monster and try to tame it, earning enough points so that you can go through all the 21 levels!

Now, if you want to be sure that you'll be one with our monster truck and that you'll team up perfectly with your 4x4 beauty, make sure you select the right truck. Once you've decided upon the perfect truck, it's time to unleash its power on the rugged terrain and get ready to feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. As indicated in this engaging monster truck game's tutorial, it's the arrow keys that will help you steer and control your monster truck and the space bar that will grant you some boost. Still, use is cautiously, for the greater speed you'll reach the higher are the chances to flip it over and lose the level. Avoiding your truck's flipping over is not your one and only goal! You have lots of stars there that you need to collect driving towards them directly or challenging your driving skills to jump way up in the air for reaching them!

Now, you must surely agree that it's the obstacles-covered track, the rough terrain that brings all the fun and the excitement in a really challenging monster truck championship. Therefore, expect to jump over ramps, to drive over large barrels and avoid dangerous spikes placed there, on the circuit, for testing your driving skills.

3...2...1... go! Get the engine running and those huge wheels rolling along the challenging track prepared for you in the Monster Truck Championship, going for your star on the monster truck champions' walk of fame!