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Kill All Zombies


It’s quite fun to have a car and drive on the city roads and run over the zombies that have webbed the world… You cannot imagine how entertaibning is to play this new zombie driving game! You will be very surprised to drive around while listening to the creepiest soundtrack ever – a soundtrack that will set you in the middle of the action!

The game called Kill All Zombies is a simple and fun game to play mostly because it is played using the arrow keys, just like you were used to from playing other cartoon car driving games. The thing is to get yourself prepared to cause some damage!

The whole thing goes like this: when you want to go foreword and backwards just keep the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ arrows pressed and when you need to turn around hit ENTER. While being in the air and you see that your car is tilting you can easily stabilize it with the help of the side arrows. This new zombie driving game will give you the opportunity to destroy some things and kill some zombies in the meantime – enjoy!