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Garbage Truck


Here is your chance to prove how much you love this planet. All you have to do is gather as much garbage as you can that comes in your path. Try not to fall into the trash bins and complete your journey safely. Clean up all the cities and make their citizens happy with the environment. The garbage truck game will make you love more mother nature and she's wonders. Try not to let her down

We all love fresh air and cleanliness,so do your best at driving the garbage truck in order to clean all the trash bags. Play this game and show us you can be the best and that you are capable of contributing in saving our planet. But be careful at the dangers that lay ahead. Pollution can be a dangerous obstacle.

To control and balance your car use the arrow keys. Try not to fall over and gather as much garbage as you can. This is one of the most enjoyable truck game you will play, with great graphics and captivating purpose. This truck game may seem boring at first, but we challenge you in finishing all the levels, you will enjoy it in the shortest amount of time. Cleaning our home world can be rewarding for everyone.

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