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Taxi Truck


Nothing is more fun than finding the game that you were looking for since you were a child… I have here a very interesting taxi truck driving game. Why is this game so interesting… Well… firstly because you will drive a truck that is made a taxi and secondly because you have to transport your passengers on a bumpy ground; over ruined cars and scraps of metal.

This taxi truck driving game is very easy to play; using only the arrow keys to drive around you can easily pass from level to level in the best shape! When you reach your destination, to debark your passenger just hold the space bar pressed until he gets out of the truck and you will be ready for the next challenge. 

In the case where you are looking to download free monstertruck games you have to try different games because this taxi truck driving game is not about performing stunts but it teaches you to be a responsible and aware person. All that you have to do is have some fun while you play, try to follow the rules and you will gain a lot!