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Air Strike in space


Do you have what it takes to join the elite forces of the air strike in space squad? Prove your talents and handling skills as you race through the galaxies in your out-of-this-world super car and destroy the intergalactic enemies.

Being able to keep up with the air challenge is indeed a difficult tasks that only the chosen ones can handle, but use your intuition, professional driver skills and strategic thinking to overcome obstacles, and soon enough you will dominate the air-space and all it's worlds.

Use your arrow keys to interact, to move your space ship left or right, and hit the space bar to shoot and destroy all targets. Make you way through planets and asteroids as you prove your skill sin all five levels of intense racing and shooting quests. Enjoy the cool graphics of the air strike in space game and be the ultimate challenger of the universe, that can dominate all galaxies and can reach the finish line in record time.