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Manhattan Skyscrapers Racing


Brace yourself for something new, a game lie no other, Manhattan Skyscrapers Racing is a car game where you must steer the car left or right on top of the New Yorks tallest skyscrapers, yes on the rooftops.

Don't be fouled by the simplicity of the game, you only have to use the left/right arrow keys, the game is a lot of fun. Have you ever thought about driving on rooftops? This is a unique experience and you can enjoy it playing this skyscraper driving game.

Jumping from a rooftop to another is easy you just have to go with your car over the ramps, but if you want to prove yourself try and pick up as many bonuses as you can, this can be challenging even for the most experienced online gamer.

No matter what free driving games you ave played until know, nothing comes close to this one.