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Box Braker


How about a new driving game? Try out one of the latest online game from hypercargames.com, Box Braker. This is a very complex game, you will have to use a lot of keys in order to finish a level, W and S keys can move the canon and you can fire by pressing D, in order to accelerate and break you must use right and left and by using the up and down arrows you can balance the truck, and one of the most important feature, jumping, is made by pressing the space bar.

Online driving games  are some of the most played games ever, and Box Braker is one of the best. In order to finish a level you must be very careful, there are a lot of traps that you can jump over or shoot at. The best way to avoid bombs is to jump over them, don't waste your time aiming the cannon it is not worth it. It doesn't matter how you choose to play this game the fun is guarantied.