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Urban Truck 2


It is time for some more complex urban truck driving games and we know exactly what game can be considered like this. It is Urban Truck 2! A game where besides driving the truck that you choose you can do something that is quite rare when you play driving games – you can jump!

And besides the ability to jump you can also brake suddenly, which is quite impressive when done at great speeds, and use ‘’nitro’’ – a substance that makes you instantly speed up! So, in order to make the car in these urban truck driving games move you have to use the ‘’up’’ arrow key and the ‘’down’’ one to use the brakes.

Try to stabilize yourself while jumping using the side arrows and in this time look for icons that can bring you points and time bonuses, because these tank driving games online have a time limit in which you have to get to the end safe and sound! Now all that you still have to do is start playing some urban truck driving games!