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Firetruck Emergency Parking


Its a beautiful day in the city, people are enjoying their day, some are out for a drink and everything seams just right. But the truth is, somewhere in the city there is a terrible fire. If you always wanted to be a fireman than this firetruck emergency parking games is for you.

You are a fearless firefighter on a honorable mission to save the citizens from a quick spreading fire on a flammable installation in the local pizza shop. Try out the ultimate racing games and see if you're trully the best. You have to get there on time and extinguish the fire but without damaging the truck or other vehicles passing by. Other vehicles will try to stop to let you pass but they may hinder you and in your hurry you must take care not to scrape them and loose points. The batter and quicker you maneuver your truck the less likely it is they will be confused and get in your way by accident. This is a great example of firetruck games online so remember to enjoy the scenery while you are trying to save the city and gather honor badges.