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Top Truck 2


It is time for another interesting game, so, if you are looking to download free truck driving games you have to start with this one! Top Truck 2 is a game that combines driving with horror! The entire scenario is set in a world where you have to watch yourself from flesh eating zombies by driving a powerful truck and stepping over them!

When playing these online truck driving games you also have some targets to fulfill and some things to gather on your way. So, driving aver zombies is not enough! Watch for the green and red coins and remember that the green ones are good for you – increasing your speed and the red ones you should avoid!

By using the arrow keys in order to control the truck you can drive over all kind of obstacles and reach the end. Just be careful not to tip over and when you feel this danger just try to adjust yourself using the side arrows! So, what do you think, isn’t Top Truck 2 the perfect one if you are looking to download free truck driving games?!