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Mars Escape


The Mars escape challenge is not easy and you need to focus on what's around you so you can make it safe to the mother-ship that will take you back to earth. Race as fast as you can through the alien ships and try to use as little energy as possible. On this unfriendly planet, resources are scares and your skills will be tested to regain your strength.

As you make full usage of your arrow keys, try to go as far as possible without being spotted by the martian ships that will try to bring you down. Be careful since your strength is limited, you need to refuel and some upgrades are hard to conquer. For each time you run of of fuel, you will get a break to pull yourself together again, using the money you have earned by hanging in there as long as possible. earn enough and you will be able to upgrade to a super-ship that will give you thrust and fuel power to help you on your mars escape mission. You can also fight back at your adversaries, using the "z" key as you pass by evil ships looking to destroy you.

So are you up for this intergalactic mission? Are you the one that is going to save the earth and fight the martian enemies to the end? Prove your driving and dodging skills as you race the planet and try to get to the finish line. The Mars escape driving game is both exciting and super demanding, as every second gets tougher and tougher.