Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Heavy Loader 2


Get your driver skills out to play and enjoy a cool truck game with this powerful machine. Your mission is to deliver the heavy load to the places where it was requested, in perfect shape. Train yourself in the first level to get the hang of it all and learn how to dominate the streets, safely, in order not to drop your load, and deliver them quickly and efficiently.

Use your arrow keys to move left /right and your "space" bar to hit the breaks. Press the "z" button to switch between crane and truck, the "ctr" button to pick up objects with your crane or to lift your dump wagon. Make good use of the "shift" button as well to release the object from your crane or to let down your dumping wagon.

The heavy loader 2 challenge is just as tough as all heavy loader truck games, but with improved graphics and attention to the details. So enjoy the fun action game and be the best at delivering the goods in safety.