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Presidential Car Rush


One of the hardest cars to drive are the limousine and this is because of there a couple times longer than your normal cars. If you are wondering why are they so log you should know that they have a lot of space and luxury for you passenger witch in many cases is an important person.

I don't know how do you cope with stress but this driving game is not an ordinary taxy drving games and it can push you to the limit, you will have to drive one of the most expensive limousine that belongs to the president. If you consider to be a good driver you try and go as fast as possible without damaging the limo, no one likes a bumpy ride.

In this limousine driving game you will have to get at your destination in a limited time and in the same time you mustn't damage your car. There are a few levels that will test your driving skills to the limit, but if you manage to finish this game you can be really proud of yourselft.