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Speed Bus Frenzy


Find bus rides boring? Well think again! Hop on this one change your perspective on  bus games online. If you like wild races on the city streets you will love speed bus frenzy games. You have the opportunity to prove yourself as a high speed driver while you take your passengers for the ride of their life on the busy city streets. This game is an excellent driving game putting you behind the weal of a fully fledged city bus in a mission to give your passengers a thrilling and enticing ride around town. You may be a good driver but be careful for the extra speed boosts on the road they give you turbo speed and you may not handle it. You will need to collect shields and health for your bus or drive really carefully otherwise the bus will get damaged and explode quickly. Want to push your reflexes to the limit? Put your bus driver cap on and play  bus games online. Have fun!