Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Master Blaster 2


Monster trucks are some of the biggest cars ever build by man, and every child wants to drive one or just see one up close, but this is not always possible. By playing Master Blaster 2 you will get the next best thing, you can drive one of this huge cars in the virtual world were everything can happen and where you can prove your driving skills/

Racing games can be very fun to play, they have some of the latest cars and you can drive them at high speeds, monster trucks driving games are a bit different they don't have such high speeds, they have big cars and a lot of action. Master Blaster 2 has a lot of explosions, fires and many jumps so you can make very cool stunts with your monster truck, all you need is a little imagination. There is also a limit of how much the truck can take, you have a health bar that you have to take into account and make sure not damage the truck to much or you will have to restart the level and try again.

This is not a 2 player game but you can compete against your friends by playing in turns and see witch one gets a better time, or you can see what times other drivers managed on the internet.