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Truck Vendetta


If you thought only super-cars can drive fast and furious, think again! The truck vendetta is here to set the records straight as it shows you adrenaline pumping speeds on these highways that lead to success. make sure you drive your awesome truck like a professional all the way to the finish line, completing laps in record time and delivering your car safely with minimum damage.

Truck vendetta games are super fast and determined, proving not only formula 1 cars can be driven to the speeds' limit. Super mean and fearless trucks are set to set the records straight, giving you the ultimate powers to drive them to success. Compete against other super awesome trucks and reach the finish line first, because you know how to handle your arrow keys just right.

So if you're looking for a fast revenge, join the truck vendetta race against some of the meanest looking trucks out there and win the title of the best driver ever!