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Hay Delivery


Are you ready for playing some of the most interactive and challenging of all truck driving games? If you haven’t felt the countryside atmosphere for a long time and if you sometimes think about escaping this city life and go back to the old days… just press that ‘’START’’ button and begin playing Hay Delivery! You see… it is not necessary to get out of the city, get up from your personal computer to experience the countryside. It is these truck driving games that bring you out of your usual mood and give you a new sense of living.

Hay Delivery is a very fun game form the start… first you will have to customize the truck you will be driving to suite your personality and let the game begin! Hey Delivery – as you must have guessed – is a truck driving game set in the countryside, where you have to carry hay from one place to another in order to pass to the next level.

Yes, Hay Delivery is one of the racing driving games that it is played on levels…and they are not easy… the aim of Hay Delivery is to safely take three rolls of hey from the machine that makes them to the barn without loosing them on the way… like any other truck driving games, this sounds easy but when playing you will see that it is not quite like that…

In order to play Hay Delivery you need to be very careful with the controls as it is quite hard to keep the truck steady… like every truck driving games, the car you will drive in Hay Delivery is being controlled using the keyboard arrows – ‘’up’’ / ‘’down’’ to accelerate and break and the side arrows to lean the truck…

So, if you are looking to find driving games online, you are in the right place! Hay Delivery will help you become an expert in online driving unsteady cars! Id will help you develop your skills and teach you to have patience and appreciate your success! Hay Delivery is one of the most challenging of all truck driving games and it will soon become your favorite game to play in your spare time.