Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Monster Truck Survival


We give you a super powerful, almost indestructible monster truck to try and “control” while playing the Monster Truck Survival game, we give you the chance to improve its performance and increase your chances to be the best driver in the arena, but in exchange you will need to prove that you're a true... survivor, a daring monster trucks destroyer who fears nothing and says doesn't say to any brutal means of proving his supremacy among monster truck drivers.

Driving your truck is apparently easy, you simply click the arrow keys for moving it around the arena, but going for those important upgrades left for you there and, more important, escaping your fierce rival's violent smashing, while doing your best to destroy them all, yourself, instead, as brutally as it takes, well, that's a little bit more... dangerously challenging! Besides the arrow keys, often used in other cool monster truck games online, too, don't forget to click the Z and X keys, too, as indicated to you in the Monster Truck Survival game's instructions, too, for they will give you all that turbo that you'll be needing and allow you to use those mines available for you there. Scan the entire arena for those upgrades, make sure to protect your powerful truck from all those opponents trying to get to you and take you down, if possible and be bold enough and dare to violently bump into them, too, destroying them and eliminating them oneby one from the monster trucks' arena where only the best survive!

If you were looking for one of the very best of all those fun monster truck games available online, your searches end here. If you're ready to respond to this challenge you'llbe ready for... pretty much anything else!