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Amazing Race


It is called Amazing Race and you will have lots of fun playing it! If you are a big fan of truck driving games Amazing Race will soon become your favorite game of this type on the internet! So, are you ready to compete for the title of best driver? Are you ready to drive through that rough terrain in the search for the first place? Then, just hit that ‘’START’’ button and let the Amazing Race begin!

Amazing Race is one of the racing driving games that you play very easy… it is played only with the help of your keyboard arrows. As you are used to when playing racing driving games, you will have to use the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ arrows to go forewords and backwards and the ‘’right’’ / ‘’left’’ ones to tilt the car when you feel insecure of when you see the truck is about to crush.

Like all racing driving games, Amazing Race has as a main objective getting to the finish line in one piece! You will also have to score as high as you can in order to become the champion and pass to the next level.

Only by playing these racing driving games you will have the unique opportunity to drive your own truck, make some good stunts and drive through that rough terrain, putting to a really serious try all your online driving skills!

As you guessed, Amazing Race is one of the racing driving games where you will compete against other players. Although you cannot see them, as when you play you will see only your car, but remember, they are there and at the finish you will see who is on the first place… so, even if you feel you are scoring a good time, remember you are in a competition and give all your best while performing the race.

So, are you ready to prove your driving skills and power to overcome every obstacle that comes in your way? This racing driving games will help you develop your skills and make you a better driver; so, go on and push that ‘’START’’ button right now!