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Urban Crusher


If you are still looking for interesting urban driving games I am sure that the game you will play can satisfy all of your wishes. You should try Urban Crusher if you like monster trucks and love driving on dangerous and challenging terrains that are full of traps! Nobody like a dull game and this game has even its soundtrack to stimulate you to do your best at driving.

If you are used to other urban driving games it means you are already accommodated with the controls used to play, because Urban Crusher has the same controls as many popular urban truck driving games! The keys used to play are the arrow buttons which you can press to accelerate – the ‘’up’’ arrow, the ‘’down’’ arrow to brake and the side ones to shift your position while in the air for a better landing position. 

So, now, it is time to start the track and see if you can manage to get to the end in one piece! These urban driving games will also bring you much fun if you practice and become good!