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Trailer Racing


Racing games are some of the fastest car games ever, Trailer Racing is a little bit different, you are playing with trucks, so the speed is not that great, but the good time is still there. Controlling the truck ad keeping it on the track is not as easy as a small car, you have to be careful in the corners not to hit something with your trailer. I you are a truck driver you will see how real this racing game really is, if you didn't have the chance to drive a truck now is your chance playing this rig truck racing games

Among many features, Trailer Racing, can be played against the computer or against another player, this makes this game much more attractive. When it comes to playing against some of your friends you just can't get bored, it is a hole new experience.

Controlling the truck is just like controlling a small car, you will have to use your arrow keys, simple but great fun.