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Truck and the Beanstalk


Take the truck and the beanstalk out for an off-road ride and win the awesome challenge along your way. Enjoy the fancy graphics of this fun and entertaining trucks game and deliver some magic bean safely to the finish line. Cool truck driving games let you test how it feels like to drive around in a funky truck and the beanstalk is there to add to the challenge and have you collect magical beans to cash in some extra bonus points.

Driving around the countryside it's almost like playing farm truck games, but with a special bean twist. So pay attention to the road ahead and make sure you handle your arrow keys perfectly so that you steer your car in the right direction. Flip over but land back on your wheels, jump over obstacles and bumps on the road and cash in all the bonus points by collecting the wonderful magical beans found on your way to success. Try and see how cool truck driving games are also adrenaline filled, giving you the thrills of driving them around.