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S.O.S. 2


War is not something that you want to take a part of, but if inevitable will happen would you know what to do? You can prepare yourself by playing S.O.S. 2 a very realistic war game in witch you are the driver of a tank that has to escape from the enemy.

You can clearly see that this tank driving game has evolved from his predecessor, the graphics are outstanding but the game play is also a lot better and you have more levels. The game is not easy you don;t always get to finish the level from the first try, but ofter a few runs you will remember all the obstacles and all the enemies.

In order to finish a level of one of the greatest tank driving games you must avoid or destroy your obstacles, be careful not to be to close when you blow things up. One of the things that makes this tank driving game harder is the controls, you will have to use both the keyboard and the mouse, with the arrow keys you can move the tank and with the mouse you can aim and shoot with the touret, a little confusing but not impossible to master. Beside the controls this is a great online game that can be enjoy by everybody.