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Do you like sci fi films? Do you usually imagine yourself being part of a world which already found the technology necessary to visit new and interesting, strange worlds? Then you surely need to try these space driving games! They will give you a short glance into the future! One of the most fun games from this category is called Spacetruck and you will have the opportunity to be the driver of a futuristic car and explore some new and interesting grounds.

So, get ready for some adventure lunar style! By playing these space driving games you will be between the first humans to witness the construction of a base in a weird and strange place. You will help carry radioactive rocks from one place to another and you need to be very careful not to loose them on your way – the terrain is very bumpy and dangerous so drive as well as you can!

Everything that you need to do is put all your driving skills to use because the future of all these is in your hands and mankind in counting on you! These truck driving games which have as a background a new and unexplored world will bring you adventure and a high dose of needed adrenalin.

When you think about the way you play Spacetruck all that you need to know is the fact that you won’t play on levels, you will have some targets and you have to fulfill them right and in due time. Using the arrow keys to move around and the space bar to accelerate around the environment makes these space driving games extremely easy to play.

But don’t you be fooled by this and think you will play some very easy games because, once you start the action you will realize that it is not that easy to keep this truck in perfect balance. You will see that the challenge these space driving games bring you is not like any other challenge you encountered; you will need to use your brain and skills to fulfill all the tasks!