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Santa Truck


This Christmas driving games starts with a present for you! The first level! Well… the only one that is unlocked… you will have to do the following work and pass from one level to another discovering everything! These are not free tractor driving games as you may think, but fun and challenging Christmas related games!

This year Santa changed his sledge with the ultimate fashion in trucks! He got sick and tired of the old sledge and decided to try something more of a 21st century. And what can be more useful to carry all the presents than a big truck! When you play these Christmas driving games you have to help Santa carry the present from one place to another without loosing any.

If you loose the presents the children will be very disappointed and, in the end, you will loose valuable points. You can very easily play these Christmas driving games as you will have to use only the arrow keys to drive the truck. Help Santa transport safely the presents and you will make some children very happy!