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Dune Buggy


Have you ever played a game that is constantly keeping you concentrated and challenged? If not that means you haven’t tried the ultimate dune buggy driving game! You will be surprised to see how a game can keep you in your seat for hours without you feeling the time passing.

This dune buggy driving game that you will start playing in some minutes will give you everything that you can ask from an online flash game. You will have the opportunity to drive a powerful car through several scenarios and backgrounds. You will have the chance to jump to collect stars for points and repair kits for your car, perform stunts and be rewarded for everything that you do.

Like many biggest truck driving games that you have played before, when playing Dune Buggy you will be put face to face with some challenges like never before. You will play on levels, and each time, you will need to reach the finish line without tipping over your car. Each level you will change the background where you race – sometimes you may steer your car on a sandy desert where you almost can feel the sun and heat of you may drive on a snowy country road.

Each challenge will bring you something new! Only the controls used to play are quite the same like at almost every dune buggy driving game. You need to use the arrow keys to control the car – the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ ones to accelerate or brake and the side ones to keep the car steady when there is the danger of crushing. 

When playing this dune buggy driving game you will be able to do something that you are not used to when playing these kind of games – jump! Yes… this car can jump in order to perform stunts and overcome obstacles just by a simple pressing of the space bar! Isn’t it cool how everyday you discover something new when it comes to online gaming… this dune buggy driving game will bring you only good time and you won’t regret it!