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Dirt Rush


Get your professional driver's skills out of the closet and star dirt rush games with full throttle. make sure you make good use of your arrow keys to direct the car to where you need it, and press the space bar for a quick jump over bumpy roads. Flip in the air after a big jump, and prove your master skills in front of your friends. This off-road car racing game will certainly give you the thrills you are looking for in a car game, letting you take control of any road. With big wheels and big imposing body, this car is the ultimate dirt rush vehicle.

So are you up for the big challenge? Can you take your car to the finish line in record time. Go through the levels with winning streaks and beat the odds by completing the final level as well. Of course, each one of them gets tougher and tougher and the strategies you need to come up with will need to be tougher and tougher. But if you have the dirt rush in your veins, you will find the energy and skills needed to dodge the bumps in the road and conquer any obstacle in the road. Plus, you get the chance to catch a few stars in your tall-high jumps and make some bonus points. So you see, the dirt rush game has something for everyone, making for an exciting adventure ride on bumpy roads. Join the fun and see if you can win all six levels and be the ultimate winner!