Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Monster Truck Rage


Welcome to the ultimate monster truck rage competition, a rough challenge reserved for the best drivers. While there are still other professional races, nothing compares to a big monster truck on bumpy roads, trying to get ahead. And winning at the monster competition will of course mean extra big success.

Use the arrow keys to drive and the space bar to boost yourself into a turbo mode that will give you extra power. Be careful not to flip over and loose the race, and keep your eyes on the bumps. Monster truck rage games are always demanding and challenging, asking of you to make every possible effort. Keep your eyes on the road, watch out for bumps and tricky spots that might make you flip over, and drive forward to the finish line. Jump over big, steep holes, propel yourself in the air, if you need to cross over obstacles that are too much to handle on the ground, and do everything that you can to ensure you make it to the finish line first, in record time.

If you like bikes just as much as monster trucks, you can try the ultimate biker challenge and prove your skills as a professional biker too. Either way, don't let the monster truck challenge get you down, but instead dominate and win it over!

Each of the 24 levels presents yet another obstacle to overcome, making the final goal that much more important to achieve. Learn how to best handle the arrow keys, so they work in your favor, and bring your monster truck rage to surface. It will enable you to become the ultimate winner. Good luck!