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Deus 3


Nowadays there is more and more talk about the end of th world. In the future, even if there are dark days coming, the world will need heroes, do you have what it takes to save your friends, family and other. Playing Deus 3 your driving skills will be tasted to the maximum, you will need to have sharp reflexes and you need to take a lot of hard corners in order to get to safety. The journey is not easy and you will find many obstacles that you will have to avoid in order to preserve your ship.

In order to play Deus 3 you will have to use your mouse, the ship will go t words the mouse so move the mouse in the direction you will want to steer. The aim of the game is to get to the safe place, witch is quite far. In order to beat this driving game I suggest to get all that money ant that fuel bonus, this will make a difference, you will see. In Deus 3 driving is not every thing, you will have to take in account what upgrade will help you go farther and get more money to buy more upgrades, you will see that after every upgrade you will go just a little more until you reach the safe place. Try and get to the finish in as few attempts you can. All those people are counting on you to save their lives.