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Farmer's Quest


Farming is hard to do. If you fancy yourself as a excellent driver you may just be good enough to drive this crazy tractor. The farmer is on a quest to get his tractor to the destination. And its a very serious challenge cause the route is full of obstacles from freshly plowed land to rocks ,stones and farming equipment. Take care not to fall in the holes in the ground and go full speed to jump over the faulty terrain. Don’t let that motor run out of steam or you'll lose precious time. New farmers games are fun to play and take you thru the wonderful world of farming in a quest to overcome the rugged farming routs only a tractor can cross. Bring out the nature loving spirit and drive your tractor pass farm buildings and orchids. But be careful cause this tractor is tricky and you can easily tip over and get stuck. Farmers quest games are the best games to play when you feel like having something different. So get out there and farm.