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Angry News Van


There are a lot of angry people driving vans all the time making the roads dangerous. If you need to blow some steam you can play Angry News Van a porsuit dirving game and calm down, this is a car game where you have the chance to hit other cars and chase the ones that made you made.

News vans are not easy to drive and this is one of the factors way the drivers are so angry, this game puts you in the shoes of this drivers. Your goal is to catch up to the drivers that cut you off and make them pay by crushing them. The fastest way to do this is to ran them of the road they will get some serious damage after this, you should keep in mind that after every car you destroy the next one is a little bit harder.

When you play van driving games like Angry News Van you must try and preserve your cars health, every accident is going to decrease it and when it comes to bumping in your opponent you may die and you will have to start all over.