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Tiny Wheeler


Now it is time to play another great driving game, Tiny Wheeler. Don't let the name foul you this car game is a game of contrasts, you have to play the game with a SMART the worlds smallest car but it has a few modifications, it is transformed in a monster truck. Driving a monster truck is every boys dream so why not give it a try and see what it is all about.

The idea of the game is simple, just drive the monster truck to the finish without damaging the car to much. You can control the car by using the arrow keys like this: the up arrow is used to accelerate, the down arrow breaks the car, and the left/right arrow will help you lean the car so you don't crash. If you think you are up to it you can do a few tricks in the long jumps, but this is only for a true driver.

Overall this game is all about a small car transformed in a big one with a little character added to it. Immediately after you start the game and you see the car you know that you will have a great time playing this monster truck driving games. After you have startedplaying you just can't stop.