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Moon Truck Challenge


Who would have thought that your first trip on the moon would be... behind the wheel of a heavy monster truck? Are you ready to take the ultimate test getting the moon truck challenge game started?

As a big, big fun monster truck games online fan, you must definitely be accustomed to all kinds of bumpy, super challenging, rough circuits, right? Then what would you say about the rocky terrain on the moon? Not only that you'll have to pay attention, wisely clicking your arrow keys, to overcome all sorts of unfriendly terrain obstacles, but you need to keep your monster truck out of those lasers there, on the moon. You can call yourself the best truck driver on the moon only when you've completed all the levels withing the given time and only if you manage to keep your monstrous, heavy truck as law damaged as you can. There will be a lot of jumping from one platform to another, while playing one of the most engaging fun monster truck games online, a lot of extremely abrupt slopes climbing and... plenty of intense speed, too, if you really want to make sure you won't be running out of time and put an end to this once in a lifetime monster truck adventure on the moon! The risk of falling into those incredibly deep precipices is hunting you at every step, whereas the danger of getting your monster truck damaged by those lasers there, cannot be underestimated.

Do you really think that, if you have no rival on earth, you will manage to prove your monster truck driving super skills once you decide to respond to this to a moon truck challenge, too?