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Hummer Limo Parking


Do you think that if you're an expert when it comes to parking big cars, you will have no trouble playing and winning this hummer limo parking? Well, think again! 'Cause this intense free parking game will put your skills to a test and will only let you win if you can prove you have what it takes to be the best at softly-handling a hummer into the perfect place.

Through all 12 levels of intense fun, you need to stay focused on your car, the maneuvers you can handle or not and the effect of each of your moves. If you're not careful, you might end up crashing your car, because handling it is not the easiest of tasks. So do each movement one at a time, ensuring the hummer limo parking challenge is one you can win at, making yourself, as well as you friends, proud of your driving skills. Enjoy the ride along the way and win the all big limo parking games you can find online!