Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Zoo Parking


Of all the new parking games Zoo Parking games has to be the most creative one out there. You get to drive around and park in the zoo. You are an animal keeper and have to take the animals for check ups. The lanes are narrow and driving around with a trailer isn’t a game. You have to take the animal to the zoo vet and not tip it over or drive to slow or the animal will escape. Take good care of the animal and in this zoo parking games and drive it around the park.

Be attentive to the info screen and read about each trailer before you choose. You have seven different animals and a very complex zoo to drive around so get ready for an adventure. Take your guess on which spot is for which animal and try to remember the spots cause you may need to get to them later and the direction arrow can be confusing. This is a game for both animal lovers and parking enthusiasts to sharpen their skills so if you are in any of the categories you will have a ball.